Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big aries tattoo designs symbol | aries tattoos

aries tattoo designs symbol

Most aries tattoo designs symbol are large and colorful, often times depicting its character of the ram, the glyph symbol (which looks like a ‘V’ with its sides curving down), or a mixture of both.

aries tattoo designs symbol featuring the ram can range from natural — a portrait-type piece, placed in its
native setting; or something more fantastic, such as a ram’s head butting through the wearers skin, or surrounded by flames (as Aries is a fire sign). Another great option is a ram profile done in pieces, giving a similar appearance as stained glass.

Tribal aries tattoo designs

aries tattoo designs

The zodiac — or glyph — symbol can also be easily played up. Even creating a large, black
piece can make a bold statement. But this may be too simple for some Aries folks, so as an alternative, this symbol can be mixed with other corresponding factors, such as flames, a dust storm or a war god with the Aries symbol as a breast plate (as Mars is Aries’ ruling planet, and can be identified both with the stormy atmosphere of Mars and the fact that this planet was named after the god of war).

One of the wonderful things about aries tattoo designs symbol, and really any astrological tattoo, is that
it can be mixed with just about any other symbol that has meaning to its wearer. Flowers,
music notes and frequently, a visage of the wearers child (who may be born under any of the astrological signs). The glyph can also be morphed into many different designs. For instance, the curved ‘V’ would make a novel looking heart; it can be intertwined with a number of religious symbols, or turned into a shield akin to a family crest. The unique appearance of the rams head makes it easy to place in many Celtic and Gothic styles as well

big aries tattoo designs symbol

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