Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1000s of Printable Butterfly Tattoo Designs

1000s of Printable Butterfly Tattoo Designs
When we think of 1000s of Printable Butterfly Tattoo Designs we usually don’t envision them as tribal style tattoos, at least I don’t, but that is in fact what we have here. Just look at it. It really is a drawing for a butterfly tattoo from a tribal perspective and that just might be the first one of them I have seen. And I like it. As far as butterfly tattoo designs go this is a good one. It is very interesting looking, is it not? I mean, from just a few feet way it doesn’t look anymore like a butterfly than it looks like some sort of jelly fish, but when you get a bit closer it is obviously a butterfly. To be able to do that, I would say, is pretty good work by the artist.
We can see many butterfly tattoo designs on the web but I don’t think you will find many that have been influenced by the tribal designs. I could be wrong of course, but like I said this is a new one on me. But hey, it was bound to happen. This tribal style of things has taken over a great deal of the tattoo business over the last several years and there seems to be no slowing it down at all.

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